Thank You Note – Clay Coton Country Fayre

September 1, 2016

We have spent the last few days tidying up, counting donations, and going through the pictures from the Country Fayre, and of course recharging our batteries.

I was amazed by the turn out at the weekend, given the weather! It probably did put some people off as it was so windy, so an extra thank you to those who turned up, especially the stall holders who battled with the wind to get their stands up!

IMG_20160821_220310IMG_20160821_223856With the help of so many stall holders, local businesses, the brilliant band – Mr Stinski’s Remedy and fab food and drink from the Branded Bun and Qualitea Time – there was an amazing atmosphere which soon helped everyone ignore the weather and enjoy the afternoon and evening. Everyone I chatted to during the course of the day said they were having a wonderful time, and for me, that is what the whole afternoon was about – I am really glad you enjoyed it.

IMG_20160821_211950 IMG_20160821_212838It would seem the highlight was the dog show. We had a great turn out, and there were wonderful dogs and owners enjoying the lime light of the show-ring. Thank you so much to Brian and Shelley for judging the show with such humour and charisma. Well done to Carlos, the Portuguese Water Dog for winning best in show!


A personal highlight for us was watching our 6 year old turn into a master fundraiser, as he dutifully sat at the games all day, generating a huge £25 (from 50p a go games), enticing people to have a go, taking their money, giving correct change and dishing out prizes! His confidence and commitment were amazing and we were so proud of him! 

As the sun set later on the evening entertainment started, from Attention Citizens, which gave us the perfect end to the day and it must be said we all enjoyed a few drinks and a dance!


IMG_20160821_223926I am so grateful to have a network of support; friends and family who donated amazing raffle and tombolla prizes, their time, advice, land, muscles and lots more. And to all those who gave generously; I will give you a totally once all the money is in and counted.

I would like to thank the following people, without who, the event would never have come together and been the success that it was…

The Branded Bun
Attention Citizens
Successful Health from Sarah Percival
Stefanie Orchard Independent Phoenix Trader
Claire Farmer
Ruth Lyne Contemporary Glass
Carolyn Bailey Kokta
Stephen Bates
Qualitea time
Angela Agate
Abington Ferret Refuge
Hannah Miller
Lesley Farmer
David Goddard
Kevin Clark
Emma Clark & Wayne Standell
Far-Out Faces : Face painting
Mario’s Ice Cream
We Fix ‘N E’ Car
Brian and Shelley Dowell (and family)
Nigel Bates
Louise Lauderdale
Whittlebury Hall – Conference, Training Centre, Hotel and Spa
Greg Darkes
6 year old, Jake Dormer (for amazing fundraising and dedication!)

Thank You Stephen and Carolyn for letting us use your land, and to Stephen for booking the band, and helping keep the marquee on the ground!!

Special thank you to Jackie Clark, who without the leafleting, printing, tom bola prize gathering, sticker-ing and organising, huge help on the day and endless support, we would not have had such a successful day.

Katherine deserves an extra special thank you. Without her the afternoon just wouldn’t have been the success it was, mostly because it was her idea in the first place! She spent many late nights, sending emails, designing posters, signs, and making my most favourite feature of the whole day – the signpost, finding amazing stall holders and bands and so much more. All to make sure everything would be perfect on the day, and then made sure the whole day went smoothly. Thank you Katherine you are amazing!


By Katherine

Katherine is a mother of 2, writer, designer, photographer, creative spirit, partner of Nick, lover of coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, and wine in the evening. She enjoys the outdoors, animals and nature, and craves the beach and the quiet. Katherine and Nick run Adapting Life together to raise hope for those diagnosed with a chronic illness and help those affected achieve their dreams and aspirations.

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