Nick’s Story

Nick now lives his days in Devon, tucked away with Katherine and their two children on their smallholding along with their many chickens, dogs and other animals..

Before all of this Nick’s story started earlier than it should have, born at 32 weeks weighing not very much at all and being the size of a bag of sugar. He spent the first few months in hospital forgetting to breath on occasions. His early years saw suspected TB and a diagnosis of Crohns Disease resulting in a part of his large bowel being removed – although mostly under control Nick has the odd flair every now and again.

2009/10 saw the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, after numerous disease modifying therapy his diagnosis changed to physiological issues following from a clinical episode many years ago. He’s been told he has a higher chance of developing MS over the next 5 years – he still has a lesion on his brain and has but is now medication free and enjoying life in Devon.