Nick’s Introduction

November 11, 2015

Hello, and welcome to Adapting Life. I’m Nick, I am 30 years old, and I was diagnosed with MS in 2008. The last 8 years have been some what of a blur but at the same time the slowest and without doubt the most challenging of my 30 years.

I’m certainly no writer, as you’ll find out – although I’d like to be. I just really want to share my experiences of having MS and my day to day life. Hopefully I’ll show you that you can still live a full and happy life and share how I’ve learnt to live with the condition.

“It’s Multiple Sclerosis” it’s the only three words I really remember hearing the consultant saying. I’d say I was taken back but to be honest I’d already prepared myself for it. However, I’ve found though over the last 7 years that you never really come to terms with it. It’s an ever changing condition and even in the good days it finds a way of just giving you a friendly little reminder it’s there.

Click here to find out more about the condition if you want to.

Some days feel impossible, I can’t lie and sometimes I just feel like giving up but i don’t…..

… You see this was the hand I was dealt and I can’t change that – MS has no known cure- yet! So I just change the way I live. I adapt. Just because it stops me doing certain things doesn’t mean I can’t do others, and maybe it has taken me down a whole new road and got me to try things I never would have done; meeting people I never would have met; and becoming someone I never would have been.

I still work, still socialise and do all the things I want to – I’ve just learnt I can’t do it at the pace I used to all the time. I need to eat different foods and to relish in the delightful grogginess of an afternoon nap. I now make plans so I can make the most of things – although I don’t always stick to them – just ask Katherine, he he! (Katherine is my partner in life, and partner on this blog – you can read her side of things here).

Some days are harder than others, but MS will never become me; I just adapt. I am Nick. I have MS, it does not have me.

By Nick

Nick is a dedicated step-parent of 2, and loving partner to Katherine. An animal lover, life long football fanatic, self confessed petrol head/car nerd and wannabe adventurer, Nick also enjoys playing with lego (not just with the children), coffee, running, reading and quiet family time. Having worked for 10 years as an expert Audi mechanic and then as an estate agent for 3... a change of pace means Nick now works with Katherine in their animal care business, whilst also developing Adapting Life into a thriving support network and social enterprise. Nick's aim is to help support and inspire those affected by chronic illness to live a fulfilled life, through sharing his story, personal coaching, alternative therapies, and lots more.

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