Lemtrada Day Three

April 21, 2016

Day 3

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I still had the stomach pains from the day before. I did not slept well and I was feeling washed out – I was very low on energy.

Because of stomach pain and nausea al I ate on this morning was a biscuit, and I did my best to keep drinking to keep my fluids up. My mum took me into hospital today- I had a cup of coffee in the car to try and help get the blood flowing ready for the cannula.

As with the previous two mornings my baseline figures were checked.
After Amanda the nurse puts the cannula and flushes it I remember feeling a little odd, I told Amanda this, and then I don’t remember much else.
Mum said I passed out and then had a little fit, I came round after a minute or so with oxygen and the nurses and doctor next to me. After a while I started to feel a bit more normal again.

Katherine arrived not long after – I was so happy to see her. It helped to settle me a bit more.

After consultation between my consultant and MS nurse, the decision is for me to have a rest day and look to start again in the morning.

I headed home feeling a bit disappointed with myself, I just wanted to continue and get the week finished. It looks likes now we’ll have to come back for an extra day to finish the treatment.

During the day I slept lots and when awake I snacked and had plenty to drink. During the evening I was still really tired.
Katherine has had a chat with Emma, my MS Nurse; she spoke with the drug company and they aren’t concerned with anything and  said I’ll be ok to miss a day and carry on as normal. Emma made sure the stomach pains were not related to Crohn’s disease, and it appears stomach pains can just be a normal side effect of Lemterada unfortunately, and I am just a bit more susceptible.

I hope an early night and better nights sleep will help me feel better in the morning.

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