Lemtrada Day Eight – the final day.

April 29, 2016

Day 8 – The Final Day

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I have never been so excited about a Monday morning before! It’s the final day.
It was all very much the same as the other mornings, I’ve continued my ritual of cheese on toast and had a couple of cups of coffee.

Once into the ward I put my shorts on and settle down – I  had a good chat with Faye and told her all about the weekend.

The standard tests of  blood pressure and temperature were taken, and the paperwork checked, along with taking tablets. Cannula was popped in and we’re underway. There were no Steroids again, so it was just Saline and Lemtrada.

I don’t know if it was the weekend break that helped but today’s infusion went fairly well. My only real issue was some tightness in my chest – as before its delt with quickly with some medication.

I continued to sleep as much as I could during the day and I kept snacking and drinking plenty.

Just before the 2 hours of monitoring are up my neurology consultant came to see me. We discuss the treatment, what the next few weeks will be like and my recent MRI. He discharges me and I am free to go.

On the way home I had some tightness again in my chest and was really tired again. The chest tightness continued into the evening and I ended up using Katherine’s inhaler to help, which it did.

I’m glad it’s all finally over it’s been a slightly longer process than I thought but looking back maybe the rest days have made it a bit more bearable.

I’ll keep you updated on life post Lemtrada, so watch this space.

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I would love to hear about your own experience with Lemtrada, so please feel free to comment below.

By Nick

Nick is a dedicated step-parent of 2, and loving partner to Katherine. An animal lover, life long football fanatic, self confessed petrol head/car nerd and wannabe adventurer, Nick also enjoys playing with lego (not just with the children), coffee, running, reading and quiet family time. Having worked for 10 years as an expert Audi mechanic and then as an estate agent for 3... a change of pace means Nick now works with Katherine in their animal care business, whilst also developing Adapting Life into a thriving support network and social enterprise. Nick's aim is to help support and inspire those affected by chronic illness to live a fulfilled life, through sharing his story, personal coaching, alternative therapies, and lots more.

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