My Journey with Lemtrada

September 26, 2016


Here you can find all the posts on my treatment, Lemtrada. Scroll down and you will see all the links to the different posts. These posts are just my own ramblings of my personal journey, which I am sharing in the hope they might be useful for someone else going through a similar experience.  If there is anything else you want to know, please feel free to email me.

Journey with Lemtrada

Choosing Lemtrada

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Days Six and Seven

Day Eight


By Nick

Nick is a dedicated step-parent of 2, and loving partner to Katherine. An animal lover, life long football fanatic, self confessed petrol head/car nerd and wannabe adventurer, Nick also enjoys playing with lego (not just with the children), coffee, running, reading and quiet family time. Having worked for 10 years as an expert Audi mechanic and then as an estate agent for 3... a change of pace means Nick now works with Katherine in their animal care business, whilst also developing Adapting Life into a thriving support network and social enterprise. Nick's aim is to help support and inspire those affected by chronic illness to live a fulfilled life, through sharing his story, personal coaching, alternative therapies, and lots more.


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    Angela Gagliardi


    I just came across your blog on Pinterest.
    I’ve just finished all the pretesting and waiting to find out if and when I can start the lemtrada.
    I’m really fricken nervous and scared. I hate not knowing what to expect.
    I thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for sharing your stories. They help more than you can know.

    1. Reply


      Hi Angela, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. So glad to hear that you Nick’s stories have helped you a little. Good luck with your Lemtrada treatment, one thing to remember, “this too shall pass”. Whatever happens just hold on to the fact that the symptom will fade away, the fatigue will lessen, the days will slip into memories. Be strong and I wish you all the best with the treatment and beyond. I really hope it has a really positive effect for you.


    2. Reply


      Hi Angela
      How have you been getting on? Have you found out if you can start Lemtrada yet?
      All the best. Nick

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